Break into the industry

Tech layoffs are now a part of everyday news. AI is making designers question their future. Just thinking about landing your first job is stressful. To make your life easier, we want to invite you to the first Tonik Design Academy in 2023.

Picture this: a weekend, in-person workshop. Together, we’re solving a real-world design challenge, sharing all the secrets about our design process. That’s the kind of tutorial you need to break into the industry.

Apply now — our HQ fits 16 Junior Product Designers.

2 days,
4 mentors,
real design challenge

It's a *match* if you:

  • Are a Junior Product Designer (duh)
  • Know Figma's basics
  • Have some projects in portfolio (non-commercial stuff is ok)
  • Are eager to learn new stuff
  • Can be in Poznań on 25—26 February
  • Have a laptop.
  • Are familiar with the Polish youtube scene (does eluwina ring a bell?)

What do I get?

Experienced mentors
All the 4 mentors are well-seasoned Product Designers. Together, you’ll work on a real-world design challenge — that’s the best way to learn their secret sauce.
Practical design process
Forget the unrealistic design process random gurus try to feed you. Here, you’ll work with practical design methods — from the kick-off to solution presentation — we use every day.
Feedback; a lot of it
No advice will teach you as much as the first-hand feedback. Your mentor will guide you through the whole process, giving you useful tips at every stage. And you’ll get a summary after the event.
Project to show off
You’ll work on real-world problems with an almost real client. That’s the best way to learn product design and land your first job. But don’t worry, we won’t use anything commercially.
Portfolio review
Besides the workshop, you’ll get a portfolio review from Damian — our Head of Design and the guy who hires designers here. Keep that in mind, because we’re always looking for talents!
New design buddies
TDA doesn’t end after the weekend. Join our members only Slack community to stay in touch with everybody. Ask for feedback or career advice anytime.
After party
Every event needs a proper after party — at least in our books. Expect great food, an open bar and all the inside jokes we’re gonna come up with.
$0 forever
All you gotta do is bring your own laptop and be with us in Poznań (we don’t cover transport or accommodation fees though). Let us take care of the food, drinks and know-how.

Design workshop with good vibes

What’s the plan?

In-depth problem analysis
Designer’s job goes beyond drawing rectangles. That’s why we dedicate almost the entire first day to the discovery phase, where we’ll get a deep understanding of the problem.

Ideas sketching
Before we pick the color palette, we’ll sketch our ideas. Generating as many as we can will let us explore different concepts. Although later on, we’ll focus on just one.

Make it pop
They say that ‘form follows function’, but trust us — both clients and users love eye candy. So let’s turn those gray mockups into beautiful prototypes that will wow clients and investors alike.

Last but not least — you need to know how to sell your ideas. Presenting them is far more important than your Figma wizardry. So get ready for a hell of a roast (jk)!

Who’s behind it?

Adrian Przetocki
Looking at how many AR concepts are in his portfolio and how he’s already using AI like it’s his second nature, we’re convinced he’s living in 2030. He promised to share some of his secret sauce with you, though.

Also — 3d nerd, meme enjoyer, krakus
Martyna Królikowska
If you dig deep enough, you’ll find her DeviantArt profile filled with gems. She’s still got it, though — from Dribbble’s favorite landing pages to complex B2B products.

Also — koniara, entrepreneur, sailor moon stan
Szymek Mółka
This guy knows a couple things: how to mix cocktails and design superb products. And he’ll show you both (but not at the same time). Plus, he can audit your productivity stack (for free!).

Also — tech freak, pixar lover, afternoon naps enthusiast.
Vero Prasek
Whatever she’s up to at work is nothing compared to her adventures outside 9–5. She can tell you all about them once you clean up all the components you detached, thank you very much.

Also — petrolhead, bike lover, wanderlust
feat. Damian Redecki & Piotr Kaźmierczak & Szymon Michalczyk

Launch your
career in
a weekend

I want in!
Giddy up, then! You have until 17 February 2023 (that’s in 00 days) to apply.

We’ll go through ALL the applications and select the final 16 before 18 February 2023. You’ll get an email if you’re in.

See ya!

Free design workshop & afterparty

Tonik Design Academy (TDA) is a weekend workshop hosted at tonik HQ in Poznań on 25–26 February 2023. We want to give back to the design community and help entry-level designers make their first steps into the industry. No fillers, only practical know-how on the agenda.

PS. Całe wydarzenie będzie prowadzone po polsku.